Church Cleanup/Fix up Days A Success

We got together and did a lot of work. Did I say a lot of work? I really do mean A LOT OF WORK! The buckets, sponges, pressure washer, paint sprayer, digging tools, hand tools, ladders, power tools and more were all brought to bear on the goal getting some serious work done on the building and grounds at Blainesburg Bible Church.

Almost every nook and cranny was cleaned and organized. A new faucet was installed, and a water filter will soon follow. A new post light was installed at the corner of the parking lot where the fellowship hall is located. It was really hot that day, and there was a lot of sweat that went into digging the trench for the electrical conduit and the hole for the post.

Three new LED lights were installed on the wall that faces the main parking lot. These dusk-to-dawn lights are a security feature, and they allow those locking up the church after services at night to have a well-lit path back to their vehicles. Being LED lights, they will save a lot of money on electricity over what the cost would be to leave the exisitng metal-halide lights on all night.

Cleanup involved returning some unused items to their original owners and donating or recycling some other items. Yes, it is difficult when the familiar changes, but we are a family that is working hard with the goal in mind of pressing forward in the Lord’s will to reach out as a Christlike example for Blainesburg and surrounding communities.

Thank you to everyone who came out for the two church cleanup/fix up days! There is still some more things to be done before the snow flies here in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Are you ready for another cleanup/ fix up day yet? LOL!