Gary Keylon Ministries Force, Fire Freedom Revival at Blainesburg Bible Church

Evangelist Gary Keylon
(Photo used with permission.)

Simply put, every church and public school should book Gary Keylon to speak. He is an anointed man of God who delivers the truth of God’s word in church services in a way that elevates your faith in a powerful way, and he also delivers positive messages to students in public schools without crossing the boundaries of what school administrators have established for guest speakers in public school environments.

The Gospel message, which is the most powerful positive message the world will ever hear, contains all the elements of truth kids need to hear and keep hearing. Truths such as, you have value, you can defeat what tries to hold you back, you do not have to live a life of fear, worry or one filled with anxiety, you can make a difference in this world. Gary Keylon can present these truths to kids in public schools without violating administrative policies for guest speakers. In church, Brother Keylon is free to name the true source of real freedom—Jesus!

School administrators see the power of the message Gary Keylon shares. Though Gary can quote the word of God to cover any situation, question or occasion, he also can share biblical truths to kids in public school without a mention of church, religion, God, Jesus or the bible. This is an incredible gift from the Holy Spirit to be able to plant the Gospel seeds while capturing the attention of our youth in the public school systems by sharing with them a positive message they will not forget.

He is a true minister of the Gospel of Christ who can easily work within the confines of speaking in public schools to make the positive messages for youth acceptable to any administration system.

What sets him apart from other school speakers is that Gary Keylon has traveled as part of the Power Team doing feats of strength demonstrations that punctuate the message shared in churches and schools. He still does the feats of strength demonstrations at schools, and he will perform them at church events when appropriate for the audience.

His daily fitness regimen along with his years of former training for Olympic Weight-Lifting tryouts helped him to present up two positive public school messages and one church message per day while he was with us here at Blainesburg Bible Church. His energy and gifted speaking abilities keep the attention of audiences helping them to fully grasp the concepts presented and enabling them to take away fundamental truths that can positively impact and change lives for the better.

The revival services with Evangelist Gary Keylon have finished here at Blainesburg Bible Church, but the truths he spoke are still with us and being applied more as each day goes by.  We can wholeheartedly recommend Brother Gary to every church who would like to have an anointed evangelist deliver a message straight from the word of God to the local church body.

Speaking of the word of God, Brother Gary’s messages are vibrant, alive and filled with scripture that motivates, elevates and educates the church to press in and get busy doing God’s will. Teenagers and adults both will definitely be attentive with the feats of strength type of presentations. Who wouldn’t want to watch a guy break baseball bats, tear phone books and metal license plates in half and bend steel bars? Tie that into God’s word at church or a positive message at a public school, and lives are changed for the better.

We know it is God doing the work in the lives of the kids in the public schools that have been blessed to hear Brother Keylon speak, but it begins with the message. As followers of Jesus, we know that faith comes by hearing a message, and that message we need to hear needs to come from the word of God. The biblical truths remain biblical truths regardless of whether or not the speaker is permitted to speak the name of Jesus in the message. For some kids, the positive message Gary speaks in the public schools may be the closest thing to the Gospel they get to hear. With God in the work—and he definitely is in the work Gary Keylon is doing—God will certainly take care of the rest.

Brother Gary is also a missionary. He is going to remote areas in the Amazon River Basin in October of 2018. Here is a video of an earlier logistical tour that helped prepare for this trip of almost five-dozen people that includes Christian missionaries and medical doctors.

Brother Gary Keylon is an evangelist and missionary who gets the work done because of the support he receives from his fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. If you want to partner with him in taking the Gospel to remote civilizations and helping him to keep presenting his message of hope to kids in public schools, you can reach him through his Facebook Page.

This video is the first night of the Force-Fire-Freedom Revival at Blainesburg Bible Church. (Go to 27:36 where Evangelist Gary Keylon begins.)