Pray, Fast and Fight!

Due to the many illness within our church and those who are affiliated with our church, whether it be physical, mental or spiritual, our Pastor has called for corporate fast and prayer to bombard heaven to make our requests known to the Lord regarding this situation.

This morning during my fasting and prayer time with the Lord, He spoke to me saying, “The battle is in array (to set in order an impressive display), and your victory is at hand. Your future is not determined by what the enemy plans but what I do next!”

While we are praying for many, one of the people we are standing, trusting and believing in God’s Healing Power for is our dear Sister Linda Smith. It is of no coincidence, church, for us to be fasting and praying, trusting and believing, and then a One Call message goes out saying our dear Sister had to be rushed back to the hospital. The enemy would like to bring doubt and confusion into our minds and our hearts. The enemy would like nothing more than to laugh at us and say, “Your God cannot heal.” This is the time, church, to stand strong and stand tall as Soldiers of Christ!

As He said to me this morning, our victory IS at hand, and our future is determined by what HE does next. Man your weapons, church! Prayer, praise and faith! This is how we fight our battles! It may look like we are surrounded, but we are surrounded by HIM! Him and His angels.

Put on your spiritual armor, church, and use it! You have been equipped and trained well to use your armor! Now is the time! God not only encouraged through the words I gave you, but He continued on and used the Our Daily Bread devotional. In Mark 10:46-52 we see Blind Bartimaeus. Many rebuked him for crying out to Jesus. But that didn’t stop Bartimaeus! No way! Bartimaeus wanted to see, and he knew this was his chance—his opportunity—because The One was here, and that One was JESUS!

Can you picture it? Bartimaeus screaming, “Jesus! Have mercy on me! Jesus!” And over his voice are the rebukers screaming, “Be quiet! Shut up man! He’s too busy! He’s not going to heal you!” Then, over all that noise, over all that chaos, Jesus stops. Jesus stops and says, “Call him!” Woohoo! Yes! It’s Bartimaeus’ time! He jumps up, throws off his cloak, and went straight to His Healer!

Even though Jesus knew what Bartimaeus wanted, He asked him, “What do you want me to do for you?” There’s power in expressing our needs to our Lord! When we express our needs, we are saying, “Lord, this is what I need, and I’m believing you can fulfill my need!”

So, during this week of fasting and praying, DO NOT be fooled by negative reports or any other forms of those arrows the devil shoots your way! Cheer up! Jesus has stopped, and He is listening to what you want Him to do! In fact, all of heaven is listening. Fast and pray, church! Trusting and believing!

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  1. Wonderful article…thank you Christine…with my health not so well either I NEEDED to read and hear this!!! God Bless all whom we are praying for and their families!!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL

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