4th Blvd Youth

Why 4th Blvd?

Well, Blainesburg Bible Church is located on 4th Boulevard in Brownsville, PA, and it’s a really cool name for our overall youth ministry.

4th Blvd Youth is the overall identifying term for our youth ministries at Blainesburg Bible Church.

Our teen ministry is IGNITE with Matthew Smith. IGNITE meets Thursdays at 6:00 PM.

If you have questions, please send us a message via the Facebook Messenger option that pops up on our website pages.

Our Youth Ministry Goals

  1. Teach teens God’s word.
  2. Use technology with wisdom to reach goal #1.
  3. Utilize their personal life experiences to reach goal #1.
  4. Help them back to the solid foundation of goal #1 whenever the enemy of our souls attacks.
  5. Hold them accountable to what they learn in goal #1.
  6. Live God’s word in goal #1 ourselves (practice what we preach).
  7. Teach teens God’s word. Are you noticing a trend yet? If not, refer back to goal #1.