Men’s Ministry Volunteer Day

A senior brother in the Lord needed some help removing some hedges. Well, the hedges had grown to the size of trees with some trunks being about a foot in diameter! The main trunks twisted and turned and even grew along the ground. Brother Cecil Smith said it took 30 trips in his pickup truck to haul branches and drag the big main trunks of the hedges away. This was a huge job as can be seen in the bare spot on the lawn in the photo.

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Men’s Ministry Fishing Night at Patsy Hillman Park

Fishing, Food and Fellowship at Patsy Hillman Park.

The Men’s Ministry at Blainesburg Bible Church planned a fishing outing. They were going to go to Ten Mile Creek Park, but the storms made the water too muddy. Patsy Hillman Park was the next choice.

It was almost completely overcast earlier in the day, and there was some rain and thunder in the area. However, a few minutes after the guys showed up at the park, the clouds cleared and the sun shined bright.

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